Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Email To Larry, "Living In The Margins: Families Of The Dump" Exhibition, And Glen Constantine

Got an email from the Penticton Art Gallery today about the coming exhibition. Everything looks great and is a go, even going to make a little money for the show. I might use it to help the people in the dump again or to buy new framing for the show. My current frames are in rough shape and the Penticton Art Gallery is a step up in gallery class, it is important the work is presented right. I am very excited about the artist talk on the 22nd. Telling the stories about the photos about the lives of the forgotten families is a GREAT opportunity.  I am so lucky and privileged to be given this chance. Not sure on how a lot of this is going to work out yet, please stay tuned the blog for updates.

There is another photographers work who is going to be exhibited at the same time as mine. His name is Greg Constantine. Mr. Constantine is a world class heavy hitter professional social documentary photographer, who is doing incredible and important work. All a bit scary but I will try to do my best and go from there. Gerry the security guard in the same gallery as a world class social documentary photographer. Hopefully this all works out well, you can only do what you can do!

Note* The Penticton Art Gallery decided the exhibition will be called "Living In The Margins: Families of the Dump." 

Note* It so important to give back to the families. I need money to pay for the new frames, they will be very expensive but maybe I can split the money, 1/2 for the families, 1/2 for the frames.  Or maybe I can use the artist fee to pay part of the frames cost and donate the artist talk  Honorarium directly to the families. I could buy the families more headlamps, boots, medicines etc.

Here is an email I wrote to my friend Larry on this subject:


Just found out I am going to be exhibiting in Penticton alongside this guy’s work, his name is Gleg Constantine and he photographs the Rohingya. It is a bit intimidating. Mr. Contantine has at least one photo book, has exhibited in galleries in London etc. Have you heard of him, know of his work? I did a Google search and came up with the links below, seems like a very talented, determined, social documentary photog, like lots of his pics….

Seems he was barred from MYANMAR.

From the  Penticton Art Gallery:

In conjunction with your exhibition we will be exhibiting a selection of work of Greg Constantine’s body of work entitled Exiled to Nowhere exploring the plight of the Rohingya.

Am quite excited by this opportunity, still trying to figure it all out. Here is what they have promised me, not sure I understand all the benefits. The artist talk should be fun. The money will probably be used to help buy some newer framing.

From the gallery:

On our end we will cover the following expenses:

1) the cost of shipping your work
2) The cost of framing if we are framing the work in house using our exhibition frames.
3) Your travel and accommodations for up to three nights to attend the opening.
4) An artist fee of $1,000
5) An $150 Honorarium for the artist talk

Thanks Larry… We should be able to meet up in the coming weeks if you have time. Mom has been admitted to a ward to the Hospital for the next 5-7 weeks. They are evaluating her condition, adjusting meds etc. I need time to print the work for the coming show, plus I have all kinds of other things on the go but we can do a meal if you want, we need to catch up!!