Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Power Of Meditation

Found this quite interesting, the power of meditation to calm people in times of stress. The Thai coach who was trapped in the underwater cave with his 12 soccer team members is a former monk. As a monk of 10 years he was very experienced in doing meditation.

When I was beginning to learn Thai, I studied the language and meditation at a local temple here in Edmonton. The Thai monks taught me to speak, read and write as well as meditate. I did it on almost a daily basis for over 2 years. What I found was an extreme form of relaxation. I would do walking meditation for 30 minutes along with sitting for 30 with a group of others at the temple. I would almost always fall asleep, snoring loudly, during the sitting part. After wards my monk teacher would say to me "Gerry you fell asleep again.", then laugh. I do not think technically in proper meditation you should fall asleep thou some people do (including monks). I know I was very very relaxed and would doze off quite easily, usually within the first 10 minutes of the 30 minute sitting session. After I left the temple my stress level was very low, I felt completely refreshed and at peace. I highly recommend those interested  give meditation a try!

Here is a CNN article about meditation and the boys in the cave.

Thai boys who were trapped in cave have a powerful survival tool