Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Bought Some MOAB Inkjet Photo Paper, Plus Some Dectol

Did up an other of inkjet photo paper, both MOAB Sliprock Metallic Pearl and Juniper Baryta as Kodak Dectol photo paper developer for the coming Penticton Art Gallery exhibition. I really like the feel of the glossy MOAB Sliprock Metallic Pearl paper, the Baryta stuff ain't bad either. The total was $443 USD including the shipping (FREE) and taxes. I now have two orders from B&H coming.

Hopefully these 2 orders will carry me through and allow me to finish printing the exhibition. I need to save some money for other things. Luckily making a bit of money back this time to pay for all the bills. I hope I will have some money left over to give back to the families as well (the artist talk fee for sure).

Note* Both of these inkjet papers are available in 17 inch by 50 foot rolls. I can print up to 17 inches in my Epson P800 printer.
Note** I  also found plastic protection sheets and a 20x24 inch shipping box I can use to ship the print to the gallery.
Update* Also bought some shipping cases and 2 rolls of 17 inch paper.