Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Will Buy 24-105mm A Canon Lens

I am going to buy a lens from my friend Larry a Canon 24-105mm F4. The lens is very new (less than 2 years old) and was only used 2 times. Larry gave me a good price of $700 CAD for it including a 77mm UV B+W filter (no taxes, duty or shipping costs). Did not want to buy another lens as I already have the Canon 24-70mm F2.8 but the 24-105mm F4 has a very important added feature, a lens image stabilization device. This should allow me to shoot handheld video with much less shake than I could with my 24-70mm. A non shaking lens is VERY IMPORTANT. There is nothing more distracting and off putting with video visuals than a shaky camera, it is usually quite unwatchable, gives the viewer nausea and a headache. Another bonus of the lens is the 105mm shooting length, which might prove very important at times. When shooting at 105mm I will need to always use a tripod.

I hope this lens to be the only one I use for documentary. I might use my 24mm f1.4 with my cheapo steady cam gyro device (bought over 1 year ago) as it is quite a bit lighter and easier to hold with one hand. I will do some experimenting with both lens to see what works best before I leave Canada.  It would be great if I can just use the one lens for everything.

The only way I would take my 24-70mm with me to Thailand would be if I decided to shoot 2 sets of video with slightly different compositions for the talking head segments I will do in the doc. Been thinking of running both the Canon 5D Mark 2 and the Mark 3 at the same during interviews to get different compositions while using the same audio. I could switch between Cameras or use the better visual for the comments made. For example if the interview speaker says something very dramatic or emotional (tears) a tighter head composition might work better and communicate the story stronger.

Anyway will buy Larry's pristine lens at a good price the next time we meet for dinner. Larry is a great friend to me,  am lucky to know him. I am keeping my expenses down as much as I can but the costs continue to go up and up. Making a documentary film on a security guards salary, oh the joys of it!! :(

Canon 24-105mm f2.8 with image stabalizer.