Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bought Me A Simple Camera Rig

I got a simple camera rig kit for $263.50 USD including shipping. The rig is called a "PR-1 Prime Video Shoulder Rig" and is an all metal highly adjustable rig. The idea of a rig is that it helps stabilize shooting and allows you to attach accessories to your camera. I can attach a separate monitor, mic, light source etc. There was a ton of options out there but this one seemed to fit the bill for my modest needs. This PR-1 rig set up is highly adjustable, you can add and subtract pieces to build what you need and want. I can continue to add parts-extensions to it in the future if needed or I can eventually go to a higher end model. I will configure this rig kit a few different ways till I get it to fit my leads. I might find 2-3 different setups that work for different types of shooting. I need to figure out something that will work while I am sitting in the passenger seat of a moving truck for example.

I am also going to get a follow focus device for the rig. Focusing a DSLR camera in video mode is HARD. A follow focus attached to a rig (probably the main reason to buy a rig) will all for easy and quick focusing.

PR-1 Prime Video Shoulder Rig