Saturday, November 12, 2016


I am thinking of doing a triptych for the coming AGSA exhibition. I will have only 6 possibly 7 20x24 showing. If I take out one of the 20x24s and insert 3-7x11 vertical images for the tritych I can show 8-9 images total. Will try doing up 3 tight vertical heads of dad and displaying them side to side in one frame. Three works telling one story should be compelling. I might have to print this on standard Ilford fiber payer, or possibly a unopened box of Oriental Seagull which I found at the bottom of my photo paper supply. I only use fiber paper for my exhibitions and with those far and few in between I should use up my stocks instead of buying new Ilford warmtone.

Hope it looks good. Will post some photos of this little project later.