Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bought Me Some Audio Gear

Bought some cheaper gear to record sound today. A Azden EX 503 Lavaliere microphone (wired) and a Zoom H1W Portable Digital Audio Recorder. I might be able to use this to record on body audio for my subjects as they move. You apply the mike and give the subject the recorder to put in their pocket and recorder away. My other more expensive option would be the wire less Lavalier system I bought quite a while back to do my photo  picture talks at Larry's gallery. I can also use the Zoom H1W for recording my own personal audio in the field. This unit could also function as an emergency backup system of my wireless system breaks down (probably pretty likely, based on past experience). These two new items cost around $125 USD plus a bit for shipping.

Azden EX 503 Lavaliere microphone
Zoom H1W Portable Audio Recorder