Monday, November 28, 2016

Bought Me A Zoom F4 Field Recorder

Got myself a Zoom F4 Field Recorder from B&H for $649.99 USD (NEW) plus taxes, with free shipping. This recorder I can attach below my camera and record high end audio for the coming documentary film project. The recorder will allow me to record a second safe channel when I am working with Fred. This second channel you can set at a lower gain rate. The idea there is that if Fred all of a sudden starts yelling (a frequent thingy in Fred's world) the audio will not peak out (clipping) and be garbled. I can do 2 recordings of all our conversations one at a normal level and a backup at a lower gain level in case of screaming-yelling and general agitated talk. I should be able to do first class audio recordings with this unit, it is rated near or at lower end Pro quality.

Here is the recorder:
B&H Zoom F4 Field Recorder Link
Curtis Judd Review Of The Zoom F4

Zoom F4 Field Recorder
Update* The deal with Larry for his 24mm-105mm lens fell through, some kind of communication error, not sure exactly what happened there. I will have to buy one online. I have started that process.