Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Distractions And Confusion

Distractions and laziness lately are detracting from the time I have left to do what I need to do. I got heavily into hoping-following the American election (to great great disappointment) and have been wasting away to much time watching-following-arguing hockey and other sports. A bit of illness this last week also took time out of my life.

I am 52, if I live as long as dad I have only 30 years (minus the sick years). I need to get off my lazy distracted ass and concentrate. I want to make a documentary movie but am not studying and working towards that goal. I want to print my coming show but it is going all too slow. I want to use this camera and that camera, to do wet plate and platinum printing but that drags on at a slow slow pace. I have a thousand photo ideas to pursue but am not.

Time to get off my fat lazy ass and get things done,  TIME TO FOCUS!!! Come on Gerry no fuckin excuses get things done. It is time to take control of your life and control what you can control. The clock is ticking your time is almost up.