Monday, November 14, 2016

Learning To Make Films-Buying More Gear

Spending the night tonight learning and figuring out what type of gear I will need to make my documentary film. I want to buy the minimal gear I need to do acceptable pro level type filming. I will use my Canon 5D Mark 3 to make the video but will need the proper sound, follow focus, tripod, tripod head, and shoulder rig. Some of this gear I have collected over the years like the tripod and head other gear including the rig I am learning about online. There are MANY manufacturers offering all types of video gear, it is rather confusiing. Lots and lots to learn!

Anyway things are going well, I am spending the night learning on YouTube, making notes and progressing bit by bit. I am also checking into possible grant programs for documentary video production. My funding is all security guard money so have to try to cut as many corners as I can. I might be doing another darkroom workshop in the coming weeks (only the 3rd of the year), that money will also go towards this project. I so want to do a good job to pay tribute to the lives of the people in the dump.