Thursday, November 3, 2016

Got My Adapted Reflex Finder!!

Today I got my adapted Cambo reflex finder for my Speed Graphic. The adaption was done by Pro Camera in Charlottesville, VA USA. Photographer Mr. David Burnett helped me find the shop and I owe him many thanks. I can now do quick and easy focusing with my Kodak Aero Ektar/Speed Graphic combo.

I hope to use this camera next trip for the "Families of the Dump" project and possibly the start of the "Lost Innocence" project. The back fits very well, I added a bit of duct tape to the top to seal out some edge light leak but everything else looks and feels great. I should be able to make hand held pictures-portraits with this camera now at f 2.5 and a faster focal plan shutter of 1/250-1/1000. I also bought a cheaper neutral density filter to use with the lens if needed. The light in Asia can be extremely bright and gosh that Aero Ektar lens is fast! Thanks to everyone for their help, now lets make some photos!

These are the folks that adapted the finder for me.

Note* The extremely large f2.5 aperture of the Aero Ektar 178mm allows so much light into the camera that focusing is rather easy. Using this gear set up is similar, not quite the same but similar to the brightness you find in a Leica rangefinder camera.

Update* After playing with the camera a bit, I might try adding the Speed Graphic finder that I removed from the camera. The finder should help with handheld composition after I set the cloth focal plane shutter (which blocks out the Cambo reflex finder).  I am not 100% sure if will be able to use this hand held, I might have to use either a lightweight mono pod or a tripod to help me. When doing closer portraits with a very limited depth of field a tripod will probably be the only way to go. Just so that I can maintain some kind sharpness when playing with the holders and subject and a small small depth of field.

Update** I sent a thank you email to David Burnet and he replied with a suggestion. I am going to give it a try, using the wire sports finder as he suggests seems like the way to go. Isn't it great when famous photographers, very skilled artists take the time to help out others below their pay grade! Love the fact that he took the time out of his life to assist me. I hope his help leads to some important photographs. Win wins all the way round!

Here is his reply email.

"You ll be amazed at how clean and fast you can focus now… its the best… plus its rightside up (left is still right and vice versa) but i use the wire sports finder all the time.. once you lock in focus with the ground glass.. just point & shoot!

Good luck… lemme know how it goes… the cool thing is, though you can just go RIGHT TO Focus…no b.s.

good luck, thanks for the kinds words

david b"

The Cambo reflex finder mounted to my Speed Graphic, Kodak Aero Ektar combo