Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bought Me Some Cheap Video Lighting

I want to go to Asia with some type of lighting set up even thou I might not use it. I decided to give a very cheap battery operated system a try. Here is a link to the YouTube dude that recommended it. Hope it works out.
THiNK Media TV: Cheap Lighting For Video

I like the price for this set up. To buy 2 cheaper plastic light stands (these can be pretty tough, used them on my white background sex worker series), the 2 Neewer lights, 2 batteries and a charger, it cost me around $100 CAD including shipping.

Neewer 160 bulb LED video light
I like the fact these Newer LED lights are battery operated and have a dimmer switch on them. Using batteries in Asia is easier as you do not have to worry about using transformers because of the 220w power supply. I will probably need to eventually get multiple batteries. With these units you can also use AA batteries in an emergency which is a nice feature as I often face emergency gear issues in Thai. Another bonus is the small compact size, size and weight is always an issue when traveling around the world to film things. With the 2 lights and their dimmer switch's I can change up the light/contrast ratios on my interview subject, 2/1 maybe 4/1 to get a more dramatic lighting mix.

I will no doubt end up getting higher end lights at some point but for now these should work fine. If they work for 1 project at $100 that's a pretty good deal. I can also reuse the stands (the most expensive item in this purchase at $48 CAD) with the next set of nicer more pro lights.

I will be doing some test interviews in the next while when all this new CHEAP gear arrives. Just to figure out whats what before I do it for real later on.  Will probably use my mom as a subject, I can record stories from her childhood. Will post some of that interview here later.

Note* I could probably use one of these units mounted directly to my camera at night in the dump. It would be very spotlightish visual but would create a dramatic and effective look at the work the families do in the darkness of the garbage dump. It would be especially strong to highlight the children in amongst the garbage waste. I want to show the children's true reality in my documentary, I want to smash the viewer in the face with it.

Update* Am continuing to study video related subjects on YouTube tonight. Going more into lighting, light ratios etc. I knew some of this from my photo work but it is always nice to review and fill gaps in your knowledge.

Update** Am trying to cancel the 2 light stands in this order to save $48 CAD. I can use the light stands from my video lighting kit (ordered after this purchase) and do not need duplicates (I hope). I also have many higher quality metal light stands for my regular film photography.

Update** Was able to cancel the extra light stands. The $48 CAD saved will pay for 2+ nights at my hotel in Mae Sot :)).