Friday, November 18, 2016

Techno Obsession? What's The Deal With That?

In my studies into making documentary films this past week I have noticed a YouTube tendency. There is a ton of testing and gear related vids but not much in the how to's of actual making documentaries. Everyone seems absolutely obsessed with the gear stuff. This shotgun mic tested against that mic and the minute almost un-hearable differences there in. This cameras ergonomics and video versus that cameras video, which has the most noise. This cameras gizmo's versus that cameras gizmos. This audio recorders XLR inputs versus that other ones. Kind of makes me sick. All techno talk but little talk on the art of documentary film making. Everything seems geared techno and nothing about the heart of what a documentary really is. What makes a great film? What is the creative process? Nothing on the emotions, stories, styles, that create empathetic quality films and how to make those type of films. People on YouTube seem more concerned with the latest gadget (shiny toy) than the film it was made for. Techno thinking-talking-fetish not artististic, creative, story telling videos It is all rather nauseating.

Guess I have to just learn all the techno stuff, buy some of the recommended gear and figure out the creative-story telling thing myself. Maybe the years as a still shooter will help in that regard.