Friday, April 27, 2018

Dads Grave - Mom

Visited dads grave grave with mom. I washed down the stone with some hot water and a bit of soap while mom sat and watched (took her out a small chair).i cried a bit, it does not take much to get me crying when I think of dad. We both kissed the grave stone and spoke to dad a bit.

Mom has been weaker of late, she looked weaker, older at dads grave. It is so frightening to seee her like that. Hopefully the family can keep her healthy and strong for many years yet, no need to join dad just yet, she has so much more in life she can enjoy yet. I have spent a lot of time with her this week trying to raise her spirits. My time away, her being more alone after losing dad (they were married 57 years) and some other private family problems have had a negative effect on her. We need to get her back up and healthy again. I will do a bunch of things with her again today. She seems better oats of late, I so hope she continues to improve. Mom deserves a good long happy life. She spent her life helping others, now it is our turn to help her.