Friday, April 27, 2018

Dad Dream

Just woke up after a sad dad dream. It was Xmas day, I was standing in mom and dads house, their living room, mom was there siitting as was my sister. Dad went away then brought back a small wrapped present for me. I felt guilty because I had nothing to give him. I opened up the package and it was filled with 4 or 5 pocket book sized art bookss,t there was also a small book of Shakespeare. I cried, looked at dad with tears on my face to thank him.. He did not speak but seemed sad at my reaction.

I then suddenly woke up in real life. I dream about dad so often, that will never end.

Note* Often the last year of his life at the hospital or at home when people cried near him, dad sat quietly with downcast eyes. He was like that in this latest dream.