Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Another Hospital Visit

Visited a private (faster than government) hospital in Phuket today for my knee problem. Everything went along quickly, professional and to the highest standards. You get what you pay for I guess. The doctor told me there was no structural damage, that the knee was sound and the pain was a result of inflammation.

The treatment given was a needle of antibiotics-anti-inflammatory drug along with a second injection of a pain killer. The injection was directly into the bloodstream, a vain in my left arm. They also gave me 2 sets of pills. One to take for the pain, 1 pill every 4 hours. The pill is an anti-inflammatory drug to be taken once a day after breakfast.

The hotel cost was 7070 baht $124.63 CAD, the best money I spent this trip. When your in constant pain life is not fun, we take our so much for granted. When my knee hurt everything was difficult, walking to the bathroom, eating (no appetite), even playing on the Internet. I feel quite a lot better now, the injections helped so much. After the pills, I should be 100% before heading on the plane back to Canada and back to work, which is such a big relief!!

Note* There could be a gout connection. The doctor could have take out a sample of fluid from my knee with a syringe, but I declined as it sounded rather painful. He told me it was not necessary to do that test but the next time I do a blood test in Canada I should do a uric acid test as part of the process.

Update* Modern medicine is a sometimes a real miracle worker. It is almost like magic. I could hardly walk this morning, every step extremely painful, I was rather pathetic looking with people everywhere watching me. After some injections and pills and a bit of time I am 80% back to normal. How does that happen, it was magical!

I am very relieved, now I can fly and work as soon as I am back in Canada. I have dad's gifted 8x10 camera with me here in Phuket, tomorrow will even try to make some large format photographs!