Friday, February 10, 2017

Ten Voices Submission

Here are the 6 dump photo I am submitting to a local competition hosted by Visual Arts Alberta (VAA). This time round the VAA people are changing things up and showing only 10 artists in both digital and film arts from across the province. It should be a tough get in, 10 artists from the entire province of Alberta! I hope the dump photos can finally be seen, I am submitting late 2015, early 2016 photos, negs never shown before. I do not think this exhibition will interfere with my coming movie project in Asia. The opening will be at the Jubilee Auditoriums "Kaasa Gallery" in October.

The VAA pays CARFAC artist fees. For those that want to enter here is all the info. The deadline is April 21, you can do an online email submission like I did, it makes things so much easier!
10 Voices Submission Info

Update* Hmm just found  more photos I would like to include. Only 6 are allowed thou, have to remove 3 for the submission. Which 3?

Update** Just made the email submission, ended up dropping images #3,#4 and #6. I decided to include photos that told a broader story, than the headshots did. To bad can not include children shots #3 and #4 and also the dump home/dog picture #6. Maybe some day some large museum/gallery will allow me to exhibit my top 50 photographs from the "Famiilies of the Dump" series. Hope Hope!