Monday, February 27, 2017

Quote: E.H. Gombrich (Writer)

This is from the E.H. Gombrich book "The Story of Art". I am not comparing myself to Van Gogh or Cezanne but the more I work as a photographer (closing in on 40 years now, 14-52) the more strongly I feel I am doing it because I simply have to. Without my photography an important part of me would die and I would simply lose hope and whither away. I have to make pictures, I have to tell stories, I have to. Regardless of what anyone else feels or thinks, I have to continue on this journey, it is who I am.

Here is the quote, he is speaking of the work of Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne:

"Both of them had arrived at his point without wanting to overthrow the old standards of art. They did not pose as "revolutionaries"; they did not want to shock the complacent critics. Both of the, in fact, had almost given up hope of anybody paying, attention to their pictures -- they just worked on because they had to."