Friday, February 10, 2017

Bought me a 12mm-24mm Tokina F4 Lens

Got me another lens, this is for wide angle work with the BMCPP cameras. The 12mm part of the zoom will be about a 20.4mm, the 24mm about a 40.8mm. I should be able to use this lens for most of my grab shooting. It is light, relatively cheap ($277 USD with free shipping from Japan) and gets good reviews online. This is the official long name for the lens, it's a mouthfull, Tokina AT-X PRO AF 12-24mm F4 DXII IF Zoom Lens for Canon.

I was also looking at the 11-16mm Tokina which is a bit more money $350+ USD  a bit wider and faster at F2.8 but also a bit shorter on the long end (16mm or 27.2mm). I worry that my 12-24mm lens will be to slow at F4 (actually around F2.8 with the Metabones Speedbooster I will be using). But I do really like the 24mm (40.8mm) high end of the zoom. I should be able to use this tool in most shooting situations in the dump. A nice side effect is that if the lens does get damaged it is not too big a deal, at $277 it can be replaced fairly cheaply. It is not like my $2800 Leica 35mm F1.4 M lens that I am always worried abut dropping-damaging. Hopefully I can use the 12-24mm F4 to shoot inside the dump shacks.

Check out the sample video below

Excellent Plus, Mint Condition Tokina 12-24mm F4 lens from Japan
Yosemite: Shot With A Tokina 12-24mm And BMPCC, Video By Short Stop Studios