Friday, February 17, 2017

Dad Dream

Had another dream about my father last night. We lost dad back in 2015 but the dreams continue. This dream was kind of nice and sweet, in the past they would be more emotional and difficult to handle.

"I came to my mother and fathers house early in the morning after being away from them for a long time after a trip of some kind. It was like 5am something like that. I was going to go inside the house to talk to them but then thought, ' No, it is better to let them sleep". As I was going to drive away, my father suddenly stuck his head out his bedroom window, he was not wearing a shirt, he just have just woke up. Dad smiled at me and waved his hand, calling me into the house"

That is all I remember about the dream, the image that sticks with me most is my just woken up shirtless father sticking his head out the window, waving and smiling at me. He was so happy to see me after our long time apart. Boy I wish this dream was true and that I could simply go into the house and talk to him again, be with him again.