Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Big Chemical Buy Of D-76

Bought 50 bags of D-76, 1 gallon-3800ml size. I have been worried a bit about getting this type of developer for film. I thought I might have to start mixing my own soon. The price here in Canada has gone way up lately, and many sellers from the USA do not ship to Canada. Even B&H in New York recently stopped shipping it to Canada (dangerous goods?).

Today I went to check the price per package, it was listed at a reasonable $6.99 USD per. It also could be shipped to Canada again. Why the change? Not sure. I thought I better buy some more even thou I have bunch in my darkroom stock (probably 20-30 bags).  It is better to have too much of this stuff than not enough, it was available for Canada shipping today so I bought it!

With the 50 I have on order from B&H (free shipping to Canada) and the supplies I have, I should have more than enough to cover all of the LEAVE trips films. When I come back to Canada I should be able to develop everything worry free. This stuff lasts a fair amount of time and I plan on shooting lots of film over the next few years, so it should go pretty fast. I mixed one packet up tonight in fact.

The total cost was $377.11 USD (including shipping/taxes/duty).

Kodak's D-76