Monday, February 20, 2017

4th Exhibition Print Session

I have been struggling my last 2 weeks off work trying to get my 4th Art Gallery of Saint Albert print made up. I worked on and was unsatisfied with the last 3 negs I put in the Durst enlarger. Two of the negatives had issues, one under exposed, one over exposed, the third I was not sure was worthy of exhibiting (I like it but not sure it is the best hospital photo choice).

Tonight 4 hours before the end of my week off  I think I found a worthy negative, an important negative.  Maybe some day this photograph will be collected, a lasting tribute to my father. I truly hope so. The photo was made during dads last summer, around August 2014. Dad is looking away thinking, with almost frightened but resolute eyes. It is almost like he sees death approaching from a distance, at least that is my interpretation of the image.

The photo below is the third attempt at the print, there is extensive burning on the bottom edges, the pillows, and the bandage at filter 0, some dodging on the eyes and face during the basic of exposure of 80seconds at f2.8 with a filter of 2.5. This show I am making an effort to print about 1 contrast grade higher than I normally do. I want to give this exhibition and dads trauma a more stark, harsh feel.

I will wash the 3 prints I made tonight, let them dry, then go from there next week. I should have this neg in its final form after bleaching and toning by the end of my next week off work. I hope to get started on my 5th image, which might possibly be a photo made that last day after dad passed away.  The bad news is I have a dental appointment (surgery) next week as well, hope it does not put me off my printing. Getting these prints made for the show is very important, a tribute to my father and our relationship.

20x24 inch 3rd attempt at dad thinking in bed photo, August 2014 (35mm neg)