Saturday, October 15, 2016

Workshop Went Well

Had a good, fun view camera workshop yesterday. My student a professor at the University of Calgary risked life and limb driving North up a icy and dangerous highway 2 to Edmonton. He stayed at a local hotel overnight and will return to Calgary today Hopefully the roads will be safe and he will have a safe quiet drive home. The $150 earned will go directly back into my photography. I can use the money to pay part of the cost of the photo paper used to print the dad pics for the August 2017 Art Gallery of Saint Albert exhibition.

Note* Not sure if it will happen but a student from Montreal contacted me again (there was also contact several months back) about doing 2 darkroom workshops. It would be a long way to come and it might well not happen but she is checking flight costs etc.

You got to love how devoted some folks are to their photography. Imagine if she comes from Montreal to Edmonton, costs would include, air fare, hotel, meals, car rental and my workshop price times 2 (darkroom). That is a hell of a lot of money to be spending. Gosh I had better do a first rate job of teaching. If this ever happened I would want to make sure she got her moneys worth.

Got to love photography and the people who have a passion for it.