Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Last 7 Days?

While looking over a book of Renaissance painting I came up with an idea of which dad negs to use in the AGSA exhibition. In the book there were lots of dead and dying Christ imagery. Christ laying and held this way and that, reclining in the arms of his mother, slouched in the dirt and on the cross. The paintings are filled with emotion and anguish.

I am required to make up 6 or 7 20x24 prints for my group show. My idea was to choose all 7 negs from the last week of dads life. I would probably need to include 1 or 2 photos after dad passed. Seven connected graphic moving pictures from this last phase of dads life should work very effectively to tell our story. It would also fit the theme of the show, how artists deal with loss through their work. How could I have gotten through that last week with dad if I did not have my cameras, my photography to concentrate on and distract me?

I think I might go with this last week idea. I need to make a strong statement with this show, both to tell dads story and to help raise awareness about other work that needs to be seen ("Forgotten Laughter"). I plan on having a several promotional books of photographs at the gallery. Hopefully this exhibition will help lead to others. I desperately want to get a solo show for the Familes in the Mae Sot Dump work.