Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Getting Through The BS Stage

You know what the hardest part of learning anything creative? Getting through the technique BS stages. Learning the saxophone is like that. I want to jump forward, to create musicl to play jazz but it will take years of commitment, years of learning the tech things. Playing scales, sore lips, hurt ears, clumsy fingers and the like. Would it not be cool just to jump to the creative phase of things!!!? Gosh I guess you got to earn that right, it is part of this game. Still all the years of mundane practise and boring music before you can finally make some exciting unique stuff yourself is tough.

Tonight I compared my struggles playing my first song "When the Saints Go Marching In" to last nights joyful creativity in the darkroom. When I am doing photo things I can jump right to the creative stuff, most of the tech learning (at least for standard photo making) I basically have down. There are no scales or childrens beginner songs in the darkroom. I enter the dark and jump right into the creativity.

Guess I just need to pay my dues with music as I did with the photography. Step by sometimes painful step should eventually lead me to a creative level with the saxophone. Now back to my G Major scales! Gosh my lips do hurt!