Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Difficult Work Week, Fun Photo Week

Back on the blog today, have not been writing much as work has been a bitch. We are in shutdown at the plant where I work security meaning things are busy busy busy. On Saturday morning we even had a vehicle break in during my shift. I got to watch it live on video and call the police. Reports, explanations etc followed. Nasty stuff, luckily this is the first time in 20 years on the job that it has happened.

Anyway, now on my days off and plan to do some darkroom work. I will be printing photos for the coming St. Albert Gallery show, pics of my father. I will also be doing a scheduled view camera workshop on Friday for $150. My student from Calgary is eager, he is doing 6 hours of driving (to and from Calgary) for the session. It should be a good week of photography after a trying week of security guard stuff. Will post some photos of the darkroom work in the coming days. Maybe a video as well, have not make one of those for quite a while. Stay tuned all!

Update* Am still waiting on my sax, it is stuck in customs in Winnipeg.  There are multiple issues with paper work plus the long weekend getting in the way of its arrival. I hope things are straightened out and the box will be shipped to Edmonton later this week. I ain't getting any younger!