Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dreamt Of Dad

Well it did not take long. I took a 2 hour late afternoon nap today and the first dad dream happened.

I was in my darkroom working when I heard some banging. I went outside to the front of the house and  a group of workers were putting bricks on my home. Dad was on the left side, he was looking at me and was wearing white coveralls. I looked back at him and then realized that he had paid the workers to come and improve my house. He did this without telling me. The bricks were a gift a surprise upgrade for me and my home. I turned to dad to thank him and started crying. I struggled to thank him through my tears. Then the dream ended.

Not too emotionally draining a dream, just my father being kind to me yet again. Dad always put his children first. This will no doubt be the start of many dreams over the next 6 months as I print his show. Hopefully the dreams will stay calm, friendly and not be too disturbing.

Note* I seem to be crying quite often in these dreams of my father. I guess that relates to the real life experience, that last year was filled with many sad and disturbing moments. I remember crying or barely holding back the tears dozens and dozens of times.