Sunday, May 13, 2018

Links: "Forgotten Laughter: Children of the Dump" Exhibition At The Penticton Art Gallery

Got some more info today on the coming Penticton Art Gallery exhibition. The show will be called "Forgotten Laughter: Children of the Dump" and be shown in the Penticton Art Gallery project room. The exhibition will run fairly long about 1 month and 1/2 between September 21 and November 4, 2018. This will be the 3rd exhibition of the "Families" work, the first outside of Alberta. Other shows were held in Edmonton and Rosebud Alberta.

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Penticton Art Gallery

Penticton Art Gallery
I think this is the project room where the exhibition will be held within the larger gallery. I am still learning the exhibition details.

Project Room? Penticton Art Gallery
I am unsure how many photos I can exhibit. If the room is as large as the one above (project room?), I will need to get into the darkroom soon and print more work. I think I will print on 20x24 size paper. I might end up getting new white wooden frames made for the exhibition. The other option would be to go with my existing white metal frames. Should I include the new colour work in the exhibition? Or stick to the earlier 35mm, 120mm and 5x7 b/w negs? I think sticking to b/w photographs might be the way to go.

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