Friday, May 4, 2018

Getting Better At Editing

My editing is improving slowly. I learned some things about making selections tonight (thanks YouTube). This is an image from yesterday, edited a bit better. You can see the girls face more clearly, I also reduced the contrast and raised contrast in certain areas as well as trying to get the color balance right. I need to learn how to work in layers now! I think this type of editing is fair, basically darkroom type stuff. Where you cross the line in my opinion is when you start to do collages, changing the geography of the original decisive moment.

Update* Since this post, I darkened the white bag area directly in front of the young girl. Gosh there are so many options with digi editing you can keep at it forever, finding continuous subtle ways to slightly improve the photographs strength.

Update** Just worked on the girls face (lightened), arms, hands and working tool.

BEFORE, old version
AFTER, new version with selections and contrast. color balance adjustments