Sunday, June 17, 2018

FACEBOOK Post Update With Link

Hey all, since my return to Canada II have not really done much facebooking. Felt I sort of overdid it a bit in Asia. Now I am chilling in Canada, getting healthy, and doing post photo work in the darkroom and on the computer. Am also taking care of my mother whose health has deteriated. She is doing a bit better now, so feel good about that.

Am reading the life story of a Irish priest in the Philippines. A fascinating tale of a mans fight for the rights of the poor. Father Shay has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 4 times. If any of you are interested below is a blog link with the book title etc. I contacted Father Shay who kindly invited me to visit him in the Philippines at his aid organization PREDA. He also wrote me an incredibly nice and inspiring email related to the dump "Families" work in Mae Sot. 

Because of this new book and the important work being done there I have decided that I need to go to the Philippines next trip (Thai and the dump also). To that end I have started to learn Tagalog (Filipino). My head hurts!!!! Learning a language at 54 is daunting. I think Tagalog can be learned thou, all it requires is enough determination and effort. Still it hurts my itty bitty mind! I keep forgetting and getting the words mixed up but it is coming slowly, slow and steady.

I think that means, "I am learning to speak Tagalog". Need some Filipino friends to practise with. Hopefully I can go to the Philippines next year to make photographs and visit Father Shay and PREDA. I also want to photograph and meet families living in Manilas graveyards and in the imfamous Tondo slum. Never been to Phil so it all is a bit iffy, a bit dangerous, but you got to try to do new stuff, chase new opportunities, enter new lives, make new friends and photographs. At one time going to the dump in Mae Sot seemed iffy, dangerous and difficult. Now not so much! Now the dump is filled with friends, some very close. Here is the link to the book.
Hope your all well...IBIG (love) Gerry