Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DAT Recorder

Picked up a portable DAT tape recorder today on Ebay. I hope to use this wonderful little (slightly old tech) machine to make recordings on my next trip to Asia. I want to record some of talks I have with people about their past and current lives. Last year I had a wonderful conversation with Long about her life but was unable to record it, much of the talk I have now forgotten. I would also like to place some small clips of these taped conversations on the blog or website.

It might be useful to make up a audio diary of some kind, which would allow me to organise my thoughts, and possibly use the tapes later in a book project/s of some kind.

Long Shortime Bar Sex Worker, 2008

Quote: Anonymous

"Portraiture is 1 part subject, 1 part photographer, and 1 part viewer."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quote:Roger Housden (Writer)

From his book "How Rembrandt Reveals Your Beautiful Imperfect Self"

"That's the best thing about looking at the paintings: the looking. I find, on coming out into the world again, makes me more human. Makes me less absorbed in a world of my own, more able to see others as they are. Makes me remember the advice of Philo, the old philosopher from Alexandria, who said, "Be kind; for everyone you meet is engaged in a great struggle.""

On Rembrandt:

"...he manages to take everyday people and imbue them with qualities that elevate their humanity..."

On Rembrandt's paintings:

"When I stand there before them, I myself feel more human, more alive and engaged. As in all his later work, Rembrandt invites me to participate in the painting, instead of being a mere observer of it."

Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 Group Shows In 2011

Well its official will have 2 group shows locally next year. One will be at a new local gallery with 2 other photographers in April 2010 and will consist of new work shot during my next trip to Thailand this November. The second group show will be of the 2009 sex worker on white background work, the opening is in October 2010.

It looks like things are improving for the work show wise, hopefully my first 1 man show will happen sometime in 2012. It will be so nice to get the work seen by a bigger audience. Sometimes I feel the only people who see my photographs are photo club members, friends and family. The more shows that accept the photographs the larger the audience. More importantly the more the work is seen the the better my subjects stories can be told.