Monday, January 2, 2017

Email: About "The Storm Makers"

Wrote this email to a friend about the movie "Storm Makers".


This doc is done by a Cambodian/French film maker...has very few reviews on IMDB etc..a bit of an unknown picture..not about sex traffickers but about people they exploit the poor person and lie to make money..and how the worker is abused there after by there employers in Malaysia/Thailand etc (not in a brothel)... Here is the preview...have you seen it?

It is an all Cambodian movie..made me think back to some of my memories in that troubled land....reminded me of many of the people I met there...some of the women I photographed etc..the main character the daughter of the women at the beginning of this video is so compelling (she is the girl in the last shot of the trailer linked below), so sad, so just want to help her, take care of her, change her life for the better....I feel that way so often with the women I meet in that part of the world, you want to be their hero, their savior but that's impossible. to do with everyone....I hope I can make a film 1/2 as strong as this one...I just need to work hard and care even harder.
"The Storm Makers" Trailer